please understand that you don’t understand what it’s like to live a life full of despair to be filled with hope upon arrival and then to have it turn into an even worse feeling than before because you belong neither here nor there and you’ve left your homeland and you’re not allowed in foreign soil all because of a man who hates immigrants (even though his wife was one too).

let them in because i swear to whichever holy person you pray to that they will absolutely not allow this why are you here which idiots made you be here your ideas involve building a wall for fucks sake how are you mentally stable

don’t act like you’re all high and mighty because suddenly you have a big important seat at the head of a country that used to stand for equality.

now who’s going to come into your ‘great’ country with its iron barricades and rules that only favour the fair skinned because i sure as hell am scared to. I’m only fifteen. My brother is scared to. He’s only ten.

These little kids I met the other day are scared to. They’re four. One of them is American and doesn’t want to go back.

please stop

nobody really wants you there

except for a select few that are as mentally stable as you yourself are.

don’t take out your irrational threats on those who don’t deserve it.

how about you try living in your home country

tearing yourself away

even though there’re bombs and bad people

but its home

and you don’t want to

you want a good life for you and your family

yet at the gates to a new life stands people telling you to go back home even though there’s no home to go back to


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