Oh, how times have changed.


A little over a decade ago,

a woman being strong or powerful

would be harshly judged

looked down upon,



Where a man was a boss,

a woman was bossy.

When a man was smooth,

a woman was a show-off.




Today, it’s different.


Screw housewives,



We’d much rather be

Olympic weightlifters,

martial arts champions,

CEOs, managers, leaders.


The best.


And don’t even get me started

On our language.

Fuck that shit.

We ain’t gonna

speak daintily.


But, like,

A girl with abs

is definitely more worth

anything else.

So is a girl without.

So’s a girl who’s got battle scars from the army.

So’s the girl whose dream is to be the CEO and not a princess.

So is any girl, no matter which race, religion, ethnicity or culture.



this strength? This sheer, unadulterated power?

It’s not masculinity.


It’s femininity.


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