As mentioned, this is an archive for myself, filled with thoughts and short pieces. Opinions, too, maybe. A way for me to record whatever I feel like. Writing, book reviews, and many other things.

I think Post Number One should be honoured with something a tad bit more interesting ~

I’d called it ‘Genius’ the first time ’round, and I think I’ll stick with it.

Quite frankly, to say the man was incredible, was to say the sun was a yellow orb that hung in the sky. It was, in fact, quite correct, albeit a small snapshot of the entirety of the description. To say the sun was a mere orb would not compare to describing it as it well and truly was. The sun was the center of the solar system, an enormous mass of gas and fire that created light so powerful, so brilliant, it danced its way through to plants millions of miles away. The sun’s light was the protection from the darkness of the light; something which held so much power in the cosmos, yet so little. It was the Mona Lisa to Da Vinci, the smile behind an artist’s centuries-old fame. It was the reason for creation, the once-and-never that could have been, what had been admired and loathed by many, yet still so awe-astounding a simple look at it would be enough to inflict damage upon one’s eyes. Yet still, nothing could compare to how the sun’s light spread throughout the cosmos to where it could, intertwining with the rest of the galaxy, its insignificance highly pressed upon it. The man was the same; so utterly brilliant and incredible, an enigma of his own. A sign of greatness, ingenuity on the part of the heavens above, but a mere speck of dust in the entirety of the galaxy to those who didn’t know the man like I did.

How I pitied them.

For his views, his thoughts were all of many things people today couldn’t begin to comprehend! Why, it is the people of the future who will really realise how incredible this man is. The secrets of the universe, the future of the Earth – he knows it all.

But we’ll never know, shall we?


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